Enak is the best ambulance manufacturer in Turkey.Enak sells the ambulances all over the world.Enak has customers all over the world.Enak manufactures the ambulances with different brands.Enak is well-known and has references all around the world.

Enak Works with Mercedes ,fiat,pegeout and other vehicle brands.

Enak manufactures,fiat doblo,Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 ,Box ambulance ,Hyundai h-350,toyota Hiace and other vehicles according to wishes of customers.

Box Ambulance

Box Ambulance is the most attractive ambulance which is preferred a large of our customers.

The box is made of steel profile it is covered with ABS coating epoxy flooring and other materials that are preferred according to customer desire.

4×4 Ambulance

4×4 ambulances are most preferred from the Africa Countries where has narrow and don’t have plain paths.It can be different designed according to customer needs 

Fiat Ducato Ambulance

Fiat Ducato ambulance can be designed according to customer needs 

it can be A,B,C Type ambulance can be full equipment designed or it can be only patient transport ambulace.

its flooring can be coated with non-slip and epoxy according to customer desire and electrical design

Pegeout Boxer Ambulance

Mercedes Benz Vito Ambulance

Enak produces the ambulances with the best quality.Enak export the ambulance which can be named ambulanslar in Turkish to the whole world.

Enak can manufacture the ambulances,A Type(Emergency Type)B Type(Patient Transport Ambulance )and C Type(ICU)According to customer needs.

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