ENAK Ambulance 29 years old

We have started our operations in Germany in 1993 and are continuing our 29 years of experience in Turkey and are exporting worldwide.

Enak Ambulance is working with ambulance manufacturers in Turkey which provide the most accurate and superior quality and reliable delivery is part of our success as well as tailor made solutions and we are committed to our customer satisfaction with competitive prices and fast service.

ENAK creates state-of-the-art mobile health care vehicles for our customers. We strive to be a global leader in the design and manufacturer of purpose-built mobile health care vehicles for a variety of applications. We craft quality mobile healthcare vehicles, and vans that are built to last.You can choose from a variety of customizations to make your vehicle functionally and aesthetically suitable for your care program. From interior design elements to slide-outs and technology upgrades, ENAK has your solution for mobile healthcare vehicles like mobile laboratory,mobile clinic, mobile gynecology mobile mammography, mobile opthalmic and mobile dental.ENAK has specially converted mobile healthcare vehicles for worldwide usage. Our vehicles serve mobile access programs to provide healthcare services everywhere.