ENAK developed mobile test laboratory for COVID-19 tests.

Enak developed Mobile test laboratory for COVID-19 tests, antibody tests, and vaccinations, among other things. The labs can initially be used to test workers for COVID-19 at companies, government agencies, and hospitals. Depending on the result, a PCR test can be carried out in the same laboratory immediately afterwards to check the test result and, if necessary, to confirm it. The trailer can then be moved daily within a radius of several hundred miles without any problems.The laboratory has all the technical and medical equipments

Same-day test results are available: within minutes for the antibody test and within a few hours for the PCR test. This type of mobile testing makes it possible for the first time to test larger groups of people under the same medical and technical conditions in a single location. In addition, the mobile labs meet the logistical and technical requirements for testing several hundred people in a short period of time

If the laboratory is to remain in one place for a long time, the tractor can be detached for use in other logistics tasks