Our Products Which We Manufacture

As Ambulance Manufacturer in Turkey, we manufacture ambulances according to needs of customers all around the world.We manufacture all kinds of Ems vehicles and have success in the field of health sector.ENAK Ambulance is the best and and high quality ambulance manufacturer company in Turkey.Some of the our products which we manufacture as below,

A Type Ambulance is the ambulance that is named Patient Transport Ambulance. it is without medical equipment and it is used for patient Transport.A Type Ambulance  can be manufactured according to customer needs by Enak Ambulance Manufacturer in Turkey.

B Type  Ambulance that is named Emergency Type Ambulance and it is used in Emergency events.Emergency Type Ambulance is designed with full equipment which has defibrillator and vebrilator.It can be designed according to wish of customers by the Enak Ambulance Manufacturer inTurkey.

C Type Ambulance that is named intensive Care ambulance used for seriously ill patients.It is designed with important equipments to interfere the patient in serious events.It can be special manufactured by Enak.

 The Box Ambulance can be designed with different brands.It is more desired by the customer because of its attactive design.The Box of the ambulance can have different designs according to customer wishes.

4×4 Ambulance can be custom designed in different vehicle types.It is used for transfer the patients to the safe areas from  high risk areas.

 Armoured Ambulance is manufactured with  high safe protection according to customer wishes.

 The Mobile trailer can be designed and manufactured according to different requirements of customers.It is used for Hospitai or clinic in health sector.It is equipped with full Medical Equipments and it can transferred all around the world by Enak Ambulance.


Container Clinic can be modifed according the needs of customers.The container clinic mosty used in remote ,disaster and conflict areas in the whole world.It can be custom designed you can add or remove the equipments that you need or don’t need.

Field Hospital is mostly used in disaster and war areas when it is needed.It is used for interfere the patients before they are brougt to the hospital.It can be different designed  be sent all around the world.

Boat Ambulance is used in Island areas for emergency medical care.It can be designed as  patient transport,emergency type and intensive care ambulance according to desire of customers by the ambulance manufacturer of Enak in Turkey.

Snow Ambulance is designed for the people who live in Rural areas.It is used for when they need any help about their health.Because of its special design , the rescuers can reach to the hard area as quickly as possible.

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